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Body Communication Therapy

Body Communication Therapy, or BCT, is a philosophy of practice that combines multiple massage techniques as a means of having a "tactile conversation" with the body. In short, it's working WITH the body instead of ON the body. 

The language of the body is sensation. In order to give the body what it needs, we need to be versed in what the body is communicating. BCT, at it's base, uses sustained pressure and stillness to allow the body to react over time. Your autonomic responses, subconscious flexion, and breathing patterns all communicate how your body is receiving the work. 

Many assume massage has to hurt to work. But it doesn't have to. It all depends on your goal and timeline. BCT meets the body where it is and helps it move through it's natural processes a bit faster. Your tension exists to protect you. It doesn't need to be pounded out of you. Your body simply needs to be reminded it can be another way. 



The problem with only one flavor is that, on any given day, your back and shoulders may need some good point work or deep tissue while your legs could be sore from a workout and may require sports or Swedish massage. You could be having some digestive trouble or anxiety in which case you would benefit from some reflexology and energy work. 


The point is, to get the most out of your massage session, you need a custom massage using multiple modalities focused on the specific parts of your body that need that particular work.

That is what I provide. 

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