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Corporate Massage
 Wellness in business takes many forms. Beneficial products  or services, quality customer service, and a steady profit margin are  all part of the external wellness of a business. Likewise, the internal  wellness is just as essential. Proper communication and management,  an enjoyable working environment, and incentives to succeed are all  part of the equation. And since the internal efforts produce much of  the external results, the continued success of a business depends  greatly on how well it functions internally. 
 On site workplace massage therapy is an amazing addition to aid you  and your business in maintaining a high morale and raised  productivity. Taking 5 to 15 minutes to get some quality bodywork  helps clear the mind and relax the body. This relieves tension in both  and creates a clear head space for the return to work. 
 Add to the wellness of your business today with Chris O'Neil Massage. 
On Set Massage

A day on set is usually a long one. Though it can be a fun enjoyable process, deadlines, budgets and unforeseen obstacles can become major stressors. As in any work environment, efficiency, collaboration and cool heads prevail. But despite best efforts, sometimes a “take five” and a visit to the craft service table doesn’t cut it.


This is where on set massage comes in. Massage in general is proven to relax the body, calm the mind, and stimulate the brain. This eases tension and anxiety and promotes clear thinking and creativity. In short, even 5 minutes of quality massage therapy can boost morale and raise productivity.


Massage in the workplace is a proven investment in a quality business practice. And with all the down time in the typical “hurry up and wait” aspect of on set work, this massage service can easily be woven into the day, week or month of production without taking away from the responsibilities of the cast and crew. 

*Also available for personal massage for VIP talent. 

Book your session today! 323-524-8193

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